Corporate SEO
$ 1,999 .99
Per Month incl GST
  • SEO For Competitive Niche Industries Looking To Target A Number Of Keyword Topics.
  • 80 Keywords Tracked.
  • Premium Level Link Building & Press Releases.
  • A Dedicated Link Builder
  • Fortnightly Catchup with SEO Manager.
  • Integrated Industry Leading Tools & Software.
  • No Lock In Contracts.
  • Expansion of The Starter Package.
  • Google My Business Optimisation
Oran Royston
Oran Royston
We initially brought IGenerate on to consult us on our sales process and to help streamline our marketing initiatives. We currently use IGenerate Digital for our Google Ads management & SEO startegy. IGenerate Digital have proven to be the best seo company we have worked with so far. We are currently seeing a steady stream of leads coming through which are converting to sales and our online traffic is growing by the month. We are very happy with the progress we have made together and are looking forward to growing together moving forward.
Kostume Kingdom
Kostume Kingdom
We hired IGenerate to build us a website to host our nearly 200 products on. The website is exactly what we asked for, it works perfectly for what we are trying to do and they completed it in less than 2 weeks. How amazing is that. Their communication is great and made things very easy. We will be looking to utilise their Google Ads Skills & hopefully their premium seo services.
The Lazy Pot
The Lazy Pot
Since working with IGenerate Digital we have seen a tremendous increase in our organic traffic and our revenue from the subsequent sales channel. Things move quickly if there is any web work to be done and their approach to our marketing is custom to our business because they have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of our business. We have no worries outsourcing any of our marketing or getting any landing pages created because regardless of the price we know it will get done and done well and having that piece of mind lets us focus on other parts of our business.
Steelmark Info
Steelmark Info
John at IGenerate has done a great job planning and implementing Steelmarks SEO strategy and providing technical web development support with exceptional results. John ability to ensure that Steelmark and Igenerate are part of the same team has been refreshing. We have spoken over the phone and John has visited our office more times in the last 3 months then large marketing company's did for Steelmark in 12 months. Take it from experience don't get caught up with these large marketing company's sales pitches and fancy bells and whistles, fancy reports you wont understand account managers who want get back to you for days and unrealistic promises like Steelmark did for the past 5 years, IGenerate will actually care about your business, will answer the phone, reply to emails and actually provide results and deliver results you will be able to understand.
Web Royals
Web Royals
Amazing job! They communicates clearly, effectively and delivers quality work. I highly recommend those who are looking for web services and digital marketing. A GREAT team to work with.

A Corporate SEO Service

Corporate SEO is the perfect mix of analytical precision and attention to detail. Expanding on from the starter package, corporate SEO is about building on the already established keyword list developed through the work done during the starter package. A more complex link building and outreach approach will be implemented and things like business citations will be introduced. 

This package comes with expert reporting, integrated with industry leading reporting software allowing for a more detailed approach to your strategy. A dedicated link builder will be introduced who will begin crawling the internet month to month trying to accrue links for your website.

What Does The Corporate SEO Package Include?
  • Rank Management of the 80 word keyword list outlining the average traffic that keyword get each month as well as the difficulty to rank for that keyword.
  • Free SEO Setup (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager).
  • A Monthly Backlink Report | Website Health Audit | Competitor Analysis | Keyword Ranking Report.
  • Local SEO Strategy Implementation, Google My Business Management & Google Maps
  • Premium Level Link Building & Business Citations (Dedicated Link Builder)
  • Press Releases.
  • Fortnightly Catchup With SEO Manager.
  • Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags & Photo Alt Descriptions
  • Content Optimisation.

Who Uses Corporate SEO

  • Businesses wanting to boost their organic traffic, leads and revenue.
  • Businesses looking for an organised way to track their analytics. 
  • Websites who have established an SEO base and are looking for a strategy to expand on the previous work.
  • Any website owners wanting insight on keyword position.
  • Businesses looking to outsource marketing in order to focus on the product or service. 
  • New businesses looking to accelerate their SEO.
  • Allied health professionals, Tradesmen, Coaching businesses, Consulting businesses, Established ecommerce businesses, Healthcare professionals, Construction companies, Real estate companies & seo for corporate law firms.


IGenerate’s corporate SEO package is a custom search engine optimisation solution for your business.  Contact Us Today.

Corporate SEO Services Included in This Package

Competitor Analysis

Organic SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When you compete for search engine rankings, you’re not competing against your former best efforts – you’re competing against other businesses who are trying to optimize for the same markets.

Most likely your competitors have already put a ton of money and energy into securing their dominance for a particular keyword, you’d be throwing time and money away trying to catch up to them in that arena – but you could take the rug out from under them by analysing their strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities and strategies they’re not using properly

That’s why our process always begins with a competitive analysis: it’s impossible to determine the best Premium SEO strategy without looking at your competition first.

We’ll create a full profile of your SEO standing along with your competitors, and determine the areas you can successfully exploit to climb up the rankings and stay at the top without incurring penalties.

Website Analysis

Once we’ve taken a hard look at your current SEO standings and those of your competitors, it’s time to analyse your website’s performance.

Is your website search engine friendly? The search engines (particularly Google) have a long list of best practices, and it’s best to comply with all of them – but in our experience, most businesses are either unaware of or poorly executing 90% of them. We make sure your basic online foundation is solid, and this website analysis ensures that every aspect of your website is working for you, not against you.

Is your website user friendly? While we’re making sure the search engines will look on your website favourably, we’ll also make sure your users are enjoying navigating your site. We’ll check out your website’s layout, ensure that all links are working properly and direct to the right places, and in general make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important part of our strategy process, and it’s also the most misunderstood of all. Most people think we simply pick keywords more or less at random – if our client is a shoe store in Burbank, we’ll try to optimize for “Burbank shoe store”, right?

Not really. Keyword research involves finding out which keywords people use when looking for products or services like yours, which keywords are searched most often and how competitive these keywords are.

Our keyword research will reveal the best keywords to target, based on search volume, keyword difficulty and relevance.

Keyword Optimisation

SEO Experts will optimize client’s website for up to 50 keywords. Additional keyword optimization can be provided. Contact your SEO consultant to request additional keyword optimization.

Meta Data Optimisation

You may have heard that keyword tags are no longer relevant for search engines. That’s quite true, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth optimizing the rest of your metadata. Title tags still make a huge impact on your search engine rankings, and optimized description tags ensure the best click-through rates.

Our professional SEO copywriters will create new title tags optimized for search engines and new description meta tags that will be engaging and compelling to ensure the best click-through rates.

Link building

Natural and ethical link building, We only wear white hats here at SEO Experts, which means all of our link earning strategies are completely ethical and natural sanctioned by the search engines and won’t result in penalties. Instead, We mainly focus on creating top quality content that people like to share on social media and influential websites in your niche. We also provide additional natural link building services including blog writing, building social media profiles, creating and promoting infographics, broken link building, press release optimization and distribution services to list your content on relevant, influential, and authoritative websites.

Earning high quality links If you’re going to win front page ranking, you need to get other websites linking to yours. These inbound links from authoritative sites essentially give credibility to your business – in essence, the respected names of the industry are saying to the search engines: “This business is one of ours, and we think it’s worth recommending to others. ”There’s no easy or fast way to build links; anyone who tells you otherwise is sure to be wearing a black hat in their off hours. Link-building is a long-term strategy, and it comes into play later in your campaign – usually on the heels of content development, because the best way to get other authoritative sites in your niche to link to your website is to earn their links by creating useful and informative content which they will want to link to. We create top quality content which is so compelling, that relevant and influential websites, bloggers and journalists will want to link to your site- adding greatly to your site’s authority in the eyes of the spiders.

Account Management

As you can see, our process is extremely thorough, and naturally we have people in our company who are experts in any given step. To ensure that your campaign stays on task and on point, we assign each of our clients with an account manager to track every step. Their dedication to provide nothing less than exceptional customer service, experience and insight helps each of these campaign components seamlessly come together to form a cohesive – and highly successful – whole. Our account managers also give you a single point person to talk to whenever you have questions: you’ll always be able to talk to someone who has a full update on any given aspect of your campaign at the drop of the hat, ensuring you feel completely in the loop at all times.

We take customer service and satisfaction extremely seriously at SEO Experts. We routinely ask our clients for feedback on our efforts, and any feedback that is less than exceptional is addressed immediately by the highest authorities in our company. We’re constantly looking for suggestions from our clients on how to improve our professional SEO services, and we do everything in our power to put those suggestions into use. This dedication to our clients is one of the reasons our monthly client retention rate is over 98% and our BBB rating for customer satisfaction is A+

Transparent SEO Reports

At SEO Experts, we want you to be convinced that working with us was well worth the investment. That’s why we make sure you have completely transparent, comprehensive reports from us every step of the way, showing how your ROI has measurably improved from each new strategy. You’ll always be able to monitor every step of our progress, and give us your feedback on how you’d like us to proceed in light of those numbers.

From the beginning, we’ll provide a detailed website analysis to show you where you currently stand and detail the strengths and weaknesses of your site vs. your competitors.

From there, we’ll provide monthly search engine ranking and analysis reports that allow you to monitor your KPIs, so you can see how your rankings have improved from month to month. You’ll know exactly how our efforts are paying off, and we are always happy to explain any part of the reports at any time. We know full transparency is important to our clients, and that makes it important to us, too.

Content Development Services

We’ve talked a lot about optimizing your code, your keywords, your website design – all of this amounts to nothing at all if your content doesn’t shine. It’s a bit like designing a truly stunning architectural marvel; if the inside is filled with trash, no one will care that the exterior convinced them to walk in the front doors. We make sure your perfectly-designed exterior leads to rooms filled with enticing information: keyword rich, unique, and compelling. The more your visitors enjoy coming to spend time on your website, the higher your rankings will become. High quality content development gives them a reason to hang around – and often, to buy some of your services and products while they’re at it. Our content development services include providing content of every variety, from articles and blog posts to website copy and white papers.

Benefits of High Quality Content

Increases conversion rates, Reduces bounce rates, Naturally attracts high quality backlinks, Lower bounce rates and more quality backlinks = better search engine rankings.

Let Us Audit Your Website For You

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