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How Your Business Can Implement Digital Marketing

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Google Shopping Ads are all about ROAS or return on ad spend. How many dollars do you get back in return for every dollar you spend on marketing? Focusing on that principle and pairing it with a solid strategy, Google Shopping can be the platform you use to scale the sales of your best products.

Using the data we gather from the traffic we generate we can take a magnifying glass and identify where budget is being wasted and make changes so there is no leakage. We can also double our efforts on the products that perform best.

It is a tried and tested method we have implemented in our own E-Commerce brands.

Lead Generation

Make Your Business A Google Search Away

With billions of searches happening worldwide every single day, you can use Google Search Ads to put yourself at the top of Google’s search engine, in order to get customers to notice your brand and take action.

To get started we create campaign goal, like driving traffic to your website, increasing the amount of over the phone leads or store walk-ins or increasing sales. 

We highlight key information about your business using ad extensions and formulating headlines that engage customers towards visiting your site. 

Lead Generation

Bring Your Story to Life With A Video Ad

YouTube allows you to reach potential customers when they search or watch a video on YouTube and you will only pay when a viewer shows interest.

Video ads are a great way to build awareness around your brand your brand or business by captivating your audience and building demand at scale.

Link your Google Ads account with your YouTube channel to access Google performance statistics. Analytics help us understand who is watching your ads and how they are interacting with them. 

Ecommerce Marketing

Build Brand Awareness with YouTube & Display Ads

Display ads can be a great pay to build initial brand awareness and develop an audience group for further target marketing. 

This type of marketing aims to be shown to as many people as possible using platforms like YouTube & Google’s Partner Network.

Brand Awareness

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You have questions. wE have answers.

Some of the top asked Questions about the Google Ads Platform.

What is the benefit of advertising online?

Online advertising allows you to showcase your products or services to people of are directly looking for your product or service. It gives you greater control in who you target which allows for better return on your marketing spend. Marketing online also provides better analytical advantages which allows for faster adjustments to your business and overall marketing strategy.

What is the benefit of advertising online with Google?

Google ads give the business the control of what they spend their money on. With Google, you will only be charged when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Because Google only displays your ads to people who are searching for the same keywords that your ads are targeting, this means that all the traffic being directed to your website have already seen what the product you are selling is, or they are searching for a service you clearly advertise.

How to start using Google Ads?

To start advertising on Google, you first must set up a Google Ads account. Here are a few steps that will help you start advertising on Google.

  1. Learn the basic terminology of the platform. (keywords, bid, quality score, ad rank, CPC, conversion ect.)
  2. Connect Google Analytics.
  3. Setup your account & campaigns in a organises way that works for you.
  4. Set your budget.
  5. Pick your keywords and keyword match types.
  6. Set up your landing page.
  7. Choose which devices your ads will be displayed on.
  8. Write your ad copy.
  9. Launch.

Should I search my own Google Ads?

It is best practice not to look on Google what your position is and if they are showing. Search for your ads can increase the amount of impressions they receive and lower the click-through-rate of your campaign and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should. If you keep looking up your ads without clicks there is a chance you will stop seeing them all together as Google’s system will stop showing you ads it thinks you aren’t interested in. 

How to display Google Ads on my website?

You can display Google ads on your own website with Google AdSense, you can also promote other affiliated products or services.