Target Your Ideal Business Leads

What if you could gather a list of 500 of your most relevant ideal customers, and then reach out to them with tailored sequenced emails to turn these prospects into leads? The answer, an incredibly profitable customer acquisition process that’s scalable.


Advertise To Your Target Avatar


Attract Them With A Hook


Present Them With An Offer

A Few Things About Lead Generation


Lead generation can automate your booking services. Our approach will have a steady funnel of leads booking into your calendar.

Product Enquiries

We can build a system that is designed to generate sales over the phone or online.

Newsletter Subscriptions

By driving traffic to your website a we can build your email or subscription list. You can take these leads and use them for remarketing purposes.

Online Course Signups

We can drive traffic targeted towards online courses and subscription services.

Lead Capture

IGenerate Specialise in lead capture, our strategies gather the contact details of a potential customer interested in your service.

Event Signups

Building awareness around an event is important. A targeted marketing funnel can generate online sales or signups for you.

Fitness Professionals

Construction & Maintenance

Hair & Beauty Salons

Online Coaches

Medical Centres & Law Firms

Allied Health Professionals

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The IGenerate System

To start the Lead Generation process we develop a pipeline of sorts that is designed to target relevant customers to your product or service using a lead magnet. 

Once we attract a potential customer we use a landing page to capture their contact information or put an offer to them using a sales mechanism. 

Before the funnel is created we design how we want the customer journey to look like.

We break down the funnel into parts in order to created a seamless user experience and to build an all round better funnel.

We analyse each step of the funnel from a day to day, week to week & month to month view so we make accurate changes to keep the pipeline of leads consistent and steadily flowing through.

The 5 Pieces Of A Piepline

Develop A Target Market

The initial process is all about developing…

Your Target Avatar

What the problem of your avatar is…

Identifying your solution to your avatars problem.

Identify The Traffic Indicators 

How will the traffic and potential customers be lead to your landing page.

Utilising PaidOrganicPartners 
methods we can create
the top of the lead generation funnel. 

Harnessing platforms like Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn & Google we can target & attract users towards your magnet.

A Tool To Draw In Customers

What will be the tool you use to draw the traffic in?

Lead Magnets can be all types of things: A special offer, a system, education or a free product or service. 

We use lead magnets for the purpose of capturing contact details to build a sales lead list.

Create A Page That Captures Your Audience

How will you present your landing page to your audience?

A landing page can be built a number of different ways. You can utilize a funnel, create a webinar opt in page, a consultation page or have a contact us page attached to a larger website.

How You Sell your Product

The last piece of the pipeline is to determine how you will sell your product. 

Will you sell your product or service to:

one to one
one to many
zero to many

Each method of selling is effective when used in the correct context. Part of the marketing puzzle is creating a mechanism that best work for your business, service or product.

Lead Generation Packages

Lead Generation – Retainer
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Per Month + GST

Leadgeneration – Open Tap
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Per Month + GST

Getting Started

If you wish you to try this yourself, here is a list of downloadable documents you can use to get started. You can also see the platforms we utilise for this type of service. 

Lenses Call
Audience Demographics
Audience Demographics
Target Avatar
Target Avatar
Interviewing Your Market
Interviewing Your Market
Hidden Questionnaire
Hidden Questionnaire 
Marketing Hooks
Marketing Hooks
Google Ads
Google Platform
Facebook Advertising
Facebook & YouTube
LinkedIn Marketing
Tiktok & Instagram Marketing
Tiktok / Instagram

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Some of the top asked Search Engine Optimisation questions our visitors have.

Competitor Analysis

Lead generation is a marketing process that aims to stimulate and capture the interest of a potential client who has developed interest in your product or service. This process is used to create leads for a sales pipeline, nurture leads until they are ready to buy and can be used by businesses of all sizes and in all spaces like business to consumer and business to business.

Website Analysis

There will always be slight differences in the way you capture your leads compared to everyone else, unless your business and website are identical to another. The way you present or offer your product, your prices or your whereabouts, there will usually always be some small characteristic that will be different. But the fundamentals of generating leads will be roughly the same.

  1. Determine your target audience.
  2. Create your campaign goals.
  3. Determine what your lead magnet is going to be and how you will attract leads.
  4. Build your landing page.
  5. Map out what platforms you are going to integrate in order to present your offer. i.e Google / Facebook Ads.
  6. Integrate all technology.
  7. Test your campaign.
  8. Drive traffic.
  9. Analyse, optimise, analyse, scale.
  10. Develop your sales pipeline.
SE Penalty Analysis & Recovery

A lead generation website or a landing page can be used to present an offer or information to an interested visitor about your company. A lead generation website can be a simple, single page site that is clear and precise on exactly what you want to display to your customers.

Keyword Research

Six strategies for increasing your leads.

  1. Use all available platforms and resources.
  2. Maximise what works for your business.
  3. Optimise your funnel and landing page.
  4. Make it clear and easy for a customer to contact you.
  5. Build a sales funnel that nurtures the leads that you capture for a later sale. 
  6. Earn trust to generate more interest. 

Keyword Optimisation

A lead magnet is a term used for a discounted item or service that is given away for the purpose of capturing contact details or making future sales. For example a lead magnet can be anything from trial subscriptions, samples, free consultations or audits, free giveaway competitions. Businesses use lead magnets to create sales leads.